Telstra Labs Professional Development Day 4

After engaging with the potential users I had a better idea about what I wanted to build, who the target market should be and what are the important features to have in the MVP. It was time to design a landing page, publish it and see if I get any signups.

Here is the first draft of the landing page:

Few things I considered in designing this was:

  • Catchy Images that depicts the concept

  • Solution Statement

  • List the value propositons

  • Few words about why we are doing this and the vision

  • Sign up form to get people to register

In the afternoon, I had a session with Delfina who is the digital designer at Telstra Labs. I got some great feedback and advice from her about the landing page.


  • Use Images that is relatable to people.

  • What would resonate with people ? what would make an emotional link with the people who land on your page.

  • Include a signup page right on the top for those who don't want to scroll to the bottom

  • Use Images that represents different user segments your app targets

  • Explain the process a bit more.

  • Avoid lots of text

  • When designing a flow chart, make it simple and do not include a complicated flow chart. Make it vertical or horizontal but don't complicate it with a combination of both.

Delfina also reviewed my app designs that I had sketched on paper and gave me some valuable feedback. It led to simplifying my designs to highlight the main functionality better and reduce noise.

Here are the first designs drafts:


  • Use tools like Marvel where you can take a photo of your designs on paper and crease simple navigation to show to the users

  • When showing the prototype to the user, tell them that we are testing the app, not testing them. This was highly useful to get their first impressions and identify the pain points with the designs.

  • Create low fidelity prototypes which offers room for thought and feedback from users. High fidelity prototypes can make users think that this is how the app will work and take it for granted and not challenge the process.

Day 4 Highlights:

Time to check out Marvel and prepare for my showcase tomorrow.

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