5 Day PD Program at Telstra Labs


Readify offers a Professional Development program which allows 20 days in a year to learn a new skill or build anything of interest to us. As a part of that I wanted to understand the process of developing an idea into a viable product.


Problem : Its quite hard to go to pharmacy to get your prescription medications if you are ill or you are caring for someone who is ill or you live in a remote area.

Solution : Deliver prescription medications utilizing sharing economy and drones

What did the last 5 days look like ?

Day 1

  • Tour of the Telstra labs

  • Overview and 5 day Agenda Generation with Guy Franklin and Dan Paronetto

  • Introduction to RadFrame

  • 5 day plan generation in RadFrame

  • Intro to Lean Canvas

Day 2

  • Review of Lean Canvas with Guy Franklin

  • How to conduct Customer Interviews Session with Wriddhi

Day 3

  • Muru-D Overview Session with Joshua Holmes

  • Surprise Pitch to Ben Sand

  • Conducting Customer Interviews - Interviewing Pharmacists and general public

  • Lead to a Drone Delivery Startup

Day 4

  • Landing Page Generation

  • Landing Page Design and App Design Review Session With Delfina Zielinska

  • Implementing Design Feedback

Day 5

  • Setting up Facebook Ad Campaigns session with Dan Paronetto

  • Showcase

Where I am at ?

First Draft of Landing Page

First draft of Facebook Ads

First Draft of the App

Things I learnt

How to do Customer Interviews

How to Lean Canvas

How to Create Facebook Campaigns

How to Design and Refine Designs

How to Pitch

Step back from the instinct to code straightaway and evaluate value proposition

Where to now ?

Get a Mentor !

Recruit a Team

More Customer Interviews and Refining the app

Run the campaigns and learn from it

Do a trial run of the process

Build the App

Day 5 Showcase:

Thanks to Readify for this great opportunity to spend 5 day at Telstra Labs. Special thanks to Alison Kieth, Steve Godbold and Guy Franklin for making this happen and organizing all of it. Thanks to Wriddhi, Joshua Holmes, Delfina Zielinska, Ben Sand, Dan Paronetto for spending their valuable time with me and sharing their insights. This whole experience has been incredible ! Until next time :)

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