Copenhagen : Europe Trip 2017

Copenhagen : One of the beautiful Scandinavian cities, was the first destination in a month long Europe trip in 2017

After a 24 hour flight and travelling 8 hours back in time, we finally arrived at Copenhagen. As soon as we got out of airport, it was fascinating to see Mercedes being used as taxis ! These cars are a status symbol in Australia and seeing them as taxis puts things in perspective !

Although I was ready to fall asleep as it was 11pm Australian time, the excitement of the trip kept me awake to witness a bit of Copenhagen on our way to the hotel. We arrived fairly quickly to the hotel, considering we were doing 130Km/hr most of the way.

The view from the hotel was breathtaking. The lack of skylines in the city preserves the authenticity and gives the impression of an old beautiful European city.

Staying by the window, overlooking the lake inhabited by beautiful birds was very calming. In fact it was raining and my windows were covered with beautiful droplets, made the experience even more surreal.

The rest of the day was a write off. I made all the effort of taking a shower and getting ready to discover the city, but I ended up dozing off and waking up at 11.30pm Copenhagen time. Oh oh ! I had the whole night to kill !

A new day and it was time to experience this promising city. We started off at Nyvahn, the 17th Century waterfront canal filled with brightly colored townhouses, bars and restaurants. This place was magical and the best way to see it was a canal boat tour. It was the most beautiful way to see the Copenhagen Opera house, Amalienborg palace, the very impressive black diamond Library and the of course the little Mermaid.

One of the fascinating things during this tour was going under this really low bridges. It was so low that the tour guide had to tell use to duck every time we went under. How Cute ! It was a 50 minute tour and definitely a must to anyone who visits Copenhagen.

Amidst all the beauty, we were freezing in the canal tour. So it was time to find a hot cup of tea. Most of the restaurants served tea and cake and we found a cozy little place to escape the cold wind and enjoy the much needed green tea !

Luckily when we came out, the clouds had cleared and the sun was out. The harbour glowed gloriously in the sunshine. The colors of the townhouses were so bright as if the whole place had been lit up ! We walked along the harbour, just basking in the sunshine. All the restaurants were full and the whole place was brimming with life.

We walked and eventually found our way to the Amalienborg palace. It was a magnificent palace, but I was dying to get back to the water. There is something calming about staying next to the water and watching the water shine in sunlight. So we walked back to the boardwalk and found out that there was an Opera Festival. Woo hoo ! Just chilling on the boardwalk and listening to the beautiful voices of the Opera singers made my day !

We finally said goodbye to the waterfront and found our way to Tivoli gardens. It was a beautiful garden and amusement park. But since there was the Opera festival, it was filled with thousands of people. So we decided to leave early and get back to the warmth of our hotel.

Thinking about the whole day, I think I absolutely enjoyed Copenhagen. Nyhavn took my breath away. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, brimming with life ! I would definately come back here next time to explore more of its hidden gems. !

Until next time ! :)

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