Dubai : The Land Of Wealth

Dubai is the land that exceeds all expectations. This is my second time in Dubai and I think it will not be the last. Dubai is a land of wonder and wealth and the land which proves that human imaginations knows no bounds. Everything starts with world's first or world's biggest or world's tallest. It is no secret that Dubai wants to be the best in everything they do. It is a modern day wonderland.

My plan was to travel to Dubai for 5 days with my family to spend some quality time with them since I live in Australia, thousands of miles away from them. Our Itinerary was as follows:

Day 1. Arrive in Dubai and wander around the luxurious Mall of Emirates Day 2. Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall and the Gold Souk Day 3. Abu Dabi : Ferrari World and Mosque Day 4. Morning Desert Safari and Ski world Day 5 and Day 6 : Experience Atlantis, the Palm

Photos from the travels :

This time when I traveled to Dubai, I was sick and if you find yourself in the same situation of being under the weather during your travels, here are some tips to help you still enjoy yourself without sacrificing the precious trip you have been looking forward to for so long.

1. First and foremost, make sure you have a travel insurance. If you can afford to, I suggest buy the best travel insurance you can get. It offers you a peace of mind and especially if you are sick, there is a big chance that you might have to go into a hospital. 2. Stay in the city center. This gives you access to pharmacies or local GPs with ease and also provides range of food choices and you can manage a simple healthy diet while being sick. I stayed at Kempinski, Mall of Emirates which was super convenient as I had access to pharmacies and variety of foods until late nights. 3. Possibly travel with family or make family/friend aware of your entire Itinerary. It can be very helpful for someone back home to know your whereabouts especially if you are feeling under the weather. 4. Stay hydrated and don't strain yourself. Pace your travel plans with plenty of sleeps and hopefully you will be able to more than enjoy your precious trip.

Dubai has left me with so many wonderful memories. I can't wait to go back !

Hope you get to visit this beautiful land and enjoy its beauty ! Bon Voyage !

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