Readify KickOff Lightning Talk : Teaching Kids to Code

Last Weekend Matt Hilton and I spoke about Teaching and Mentoring kids to code as a form of community engagement at Readify KickOff.

KickOff is Readify's annual event where in the whole company gathers together for a weekend of conferences and fun activities. It is to foster collaboration and encourage cross pollination across different states.

It was the perfect platform to talk about Community engagements. Readifarians are known to be thought leaders, leading and guiding the industry and in some respect shaping the future. In our opinion what better way to do that than to teach kids to code, share the passion for technology and possibly bridge the gender gap that is so inherent in the IT Industry.

Some Happy Snaps from the talk:

Here is our slide deck :

If you are interested to get involved, check out Coderdojo and Code Club.

Here's to motivating, inspiring and instilling a love for technology ! :)

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