CoderDojo Brisbane is an initiative that gives you the opportunity to inspire and share your passion for coding with kids. It is an open source, volunteer led, global movement of free coding clubs for young kids founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao in 2011. CoderDojo Brisbane is the first CoderDojo running in Australia and is a Brisbane Marketing initiative of the Digital Brisbane Strategy.

I have been mentoring at CoderDojo for the last year and it has been an absolute joy ride.

So how do we rock and roll ?

A typical CoderDojo term runs for 6 weeks in various libraries across Brisbane. Every session is full of eager kids and amazing mentors who dedicate two hours of their weekend to learn and teach something new in a fun and friendly environment.

So what do we teach ?

Well, there is no curriculum. It is dependent on the mentors and the kids in that term. Generally we start with Scratch for beginners, which is a great tool to introduce coding.

It offers a drag and drop interface which is easy to set up. It is immensely amazing to watch kids discover scratch and create their first game or animation. They try to recreate their favorite games, or use characters from their favorite cartoon or a movie. They often finish the session on a very high note with promises to continue practicing and create something cool and innovative.

For the intermediate/advanced kids we teach them whatever they want to learn ranging from HTML, JavaScript, Python, Unity, Robotics etc.

Why do I do it ?

Well, I have been extremely fortunate to have met and been inspired by some amazing mentors. If I can motivate even one child to code and build something innovative, I will think that I have achieved something.

And the kids have promised me, that in 10 years if they take up coding, they will get in touch with me and share their story. So, I am really excited to see what happens 10 years down the lane.

If you have a passion for coding or enjoy teaching/mentoring kids, check out CoderDojo Brisbane to see how you can get involved.

Here’s to inspiring, instilling a love of learning and igniting the imagination !

See you at Coderdojo :)

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